Webinar Office hours with Kartik and Crystal
  • Kartik Bhat Director, Sales, QuestionPro
  • Crystal Wiese
    Marketing, QuestionPro

Inspired by our Surveys session at XDay 2020, we hosted a webinar to let our users stump Kartik. He along with Crystal shared tips on how to make the best use of our platform to meet your survey needs. Our users shooted our surveys expert Kartik with all their queries and got their answers live.

Learn from Kartik and Crystal how to create surveys that collect the right information in the most efficient way and offer meaningful insights. Get to know the best practices and methods of creating efficient questionnaires.

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Top five questions & answers from this webinar
Q: How do you make surveys anonymous?

Anwser: I think it's a great question, given the concerns about the internet security and data privacy, especially in the healthcare industry and EU region. There are two ways to ensure this, first any survey shouldn't collect personally identifiable data. You can contact your account manager for more information on this and how to achieve it. In our platform, you can configure settings to disable collection of location data and turn on respondent anonymity. It will ensure that all personal information is encrypted.

Q: What are some of the guiding 'rules of thumb' related to the proper length of a survey - in terms of time and number of questions for a given audience?

Anwser: There are no specific "rules of thumb". Your survey should be intuitive by design. If you are using bland tools like Google forms, then 10 questions would be enough. But with dynamic server tools like QuestionPro, you can ask questions with star rating, heatmap and hotspot map. The experience of answering such survey is far better than other tools, so you can easily ask 30 questions at one go. However, 10-20 questions which generally take 3-5 minutes to answer, would be an ideal range without causing survey fatigue to your respondents.

Q: How do I keep my participant engage without overwhelming them so I can get accurate data?

Anwser: It's a great question. Almost every researcher goes through this challenge of wanting to ask many questions but keep the respondents engaged at the same time. If respondents feel that their feedback will make a positive impact, then they are likely to stay more engaged, around 6-7 mins in general and 25-30 questions in terms of survey length. You can make it interesting by using different question types, graphical questions, or making it visually appealing with colors and fonts. You can also gamify the survey and show some interesting message once the respondent is done with half of the survey. Keep open-ended questions as low as possible and towards the end of the survey, more so because many respondents answer from the mobiles and tablets.

Q: What is your best survey design that seems to work?

Anwser: Well, it depends. If you have a bakery, you should go for darker themes. But if you are into say, metal industry, go for brighter whites or themes that give you sharp contrast. But irrespective of the colors, your survey should be easily readable, well-designed, have a fitting logo and relevant footer.

Q: Is it possible to create cross-tabs that can be inserted into other documents??

Anwser: You can export it in .pdf or .ppt format or print it. But if you want to do a real-time cross tab and insert in a real document, that is unfortunately not possible at the moment.