Webinar Explore the power of Multilingual Surveys
  • Prachi Gupta Head - Commercial Business (APAC), QuestionPro
  • Partha Srinivasan Manager - Marketing (APAC) QuestionPro

Multilingual surveys are surveys that can be distributed to the participants in multiple languages. Respondents can change the survey language and answer the survey in their preferred language. QuestionPro supports 95+ languages, including multi-byte character set languages like Chinese and Japanese.

You can create a multilingual survey by adding more languages to your questionnaire. With the same list of questions, you can reach a global audience in their local language. With multilingual survey creator and survey translation software, you can also translate survey responses to the language of your choice and analyze results.

Once you add languages to your survey, you can add a screen question. It is a question on the first page, asking respondents to select their preferred language.Research teams would benefit from a business-focused taxonomy that creates a knowledge base that can be indexed, searched, and repurposed with the end goal of democratizing access to insights. Creating a single version of the truth is one of the biggest challenges that organizations and researchers face today. A consolidated repository that efficiently manages research data in a way that is not just easy to use but provides timely and scalable insights is the way forward for research.

  • doneLearn how to work with multilingual surveys
  • doneLeverage the power of different languages for a wider outreach
  • doneBuild a survey that is catered to the language of your audience with insights that work for you