How to Recruit the Right Participants for your Community

Master the art of community panel recruitments and the best practices of maintaining a healthy community.

About the webinar

Hosted on: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Developing a research community is a lengthy and daunting task. It requires attending multiple demos to selecting the right software provider and customizing the look and feel of the community to attract and keep your participants engaged. Now that you’ve done all this hard work, how do you get the right respondents to join your community? Moreover, how do you ensure healthy participation in your research studies? A strategic approach to recruitment ensures your community has the right members, which helps you receive quality responses.

This webinar will address all the key elements involved in online community recruitment, including the following:

1. Benefits of an online community

2. Community recruitment methodology

3. Community recruitment management

4. Community size

5. Choosing the right incentives to offer participants

6. Understanding privacy laws

Join Dan and Rudly who have a combined 30 years of industry experience; in a unique webinar discussion format. They reveal secrets on how, with the right strategy in place, recruiting customers, employees and other stakeholders into your community is easy.

About the speakers

Dan Fleetwood
President, QuestionPro Communities
Dan has over 15 years of market research experience and is passionate about the role that software plays in helping businesses. Dan believes that software can help companies get better feedback, uncover actionable insights, and ultimately develop better products and services. Dan is currently the President of QuestionPro Communities. Prior to that, Dan worked with Survey Analytics and Pacific Market Research.
Rudly Raphael
President, QuestionPro Audience
Rudly has more than 15 years of professional experience in the online market research industry. As President of QuestionPro Audience, he oversees all aspects of research and insight and logistical design involving quantitative methodology. He’s a frequent author of industry related articles. He’s also an inventor and volunteers his time with various non-profit organizations. Rudly attended Wentworth Institute Of Technology, majoring in electrical engineering. He is also a graduate of Harvard University.