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From UX/UI to CX and market research, insights repositories are a powerful way to organize your insights data and empower your researchers to be more agile. By storing all research data in one single place, researchers and external stakeholders gain more visibility into your insights team's work. Join Nick Freiling (QuestionPro), Aseem Badshah (QuestionPro), and Carolyn Shetter (Okta) for an in-depth discussion about how to build and use an insights repository.


Ken Peterson (President of CX, QuestionPro), speaks live with radio hosts and station managers Scott Steel and Brady Hull about why Ratings don’t necessarily measure Loyalty and how Engagement might be the driving force behind the success of any type of entertainment: radio, television, streaming and live events. Discover some CX lessons about customer loyalty and engagement, Customer Experience in the Media Industry and the answer to what should be the right measurement to track customers' experience across your audience.


Three leading trend-watchers will share new data and insights about how consumer lives changed in 2021, and evolve in 2022 and beyond. Come hear perspectives on the top consumer trends and marketing opportunities in the year ahead from insights experts: Dan Fleetwood (President, QuestionPro); Stephen Kraus (Executive Director, Market Research Institute International) & Jon Last (President, Sports & Leisure Research Group).


Join and meet our guest speaker Shruti Jadhav, the Associate Director of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, who will go through the takeaways of the Spark Matrix VoC Platform 2021 report, such as the VoC Platform framework, the current key market drivers for the VoC market, emerging technology trends, and more!


Planning isn't everything when working on CX - How to apply what you've learned? Explore the best practices and insights on how to make the most of our customer experience management software.Learn how to boost your customer's loyalty and gather insightful data by effectively employing all the features CX provides you with.


Multilingual surveys are surveys that can be distributed to the participants in multiple languages. Respondents can change the survey language and answer the survey in their preferred language. QuestionPro supports 95+ languages, including multi-byte character set languages like Chinese and Japanese.


QuestionPro has created a consolidated platform to organize, explore, search and discover all your research data in one organized research repository in the form of the Insights Hub. Easily manage workflows to aid with continuous discovery and manage multivariate data to create knowledge graphs of past and current research to derive actionable insights.

CX and Digital Empathy

With experiences having gone through a major transformation since 2020, is it a time to add more human touch to your CX strategy? Join these influential CX thinkers as they dive into this electric conversation surrounding Empathy and the Customer Experience.


In 2020, automakers and the dealers underwent a radical transformation. While full recovery is still a few years away, changes are being made to the experience across the board: CX, EX and VX. Join Ken and Dave to learn how car buying experience has changed, how it has affected CX scores and what to expect in future.


Join Ray Poynter and Dan Fleetwood as they talk about the complexities and finer nuances of conducting efficient pricing research. Learn about the wide range of tools and techniques to conduct price modeling and their strengths and weaknesses. Also learn learn how to price appropriately to optimize the willingness to purchase while preserving your brand value with QuestionPro.


Join Sanja, a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, as she shares her suggestions on the best way to build your "hybrid working model" experiment, and Crystal, who will give the employee viewpoint of the best way employers can stay tuned into their people's needs as they evolve their working model in 2021 and beyond.


Please join us for a January tradition – a perspective on consumer trends and marketing opportunities in the year ahead. We’ll share new data and insights about how consumer lives changed in 2020 and how they are poised to evolve further in 2021. This webinar will help brands, marketers, and researchers unlock consumer trends and derive insights into a corona-economy and a post-corona world’s potential.


Watch how our users stumped Kartik with their questions related to surveys. They got their queries on survey design, length, logic and more, answered live in an hour-long interactive session.


As industries needed to evolve in 2020, the expectations for Customer Experience are also changing as we head into 2021. Know how data can uncover insights to shape tourism during the pandemic and into the future.


This QuestionPro Academic focused webinar delves into the differences of Qualitative and Quantitative research and how you can achieve this using the QuestionPro research platform. We spoke about Heatmap and Hotspot analysis, card sorting, online focus groups using video discussions and even a beta feature coming soon, LiveCast that uses NLP to build real-time analytics from video survey questions.


Pricing research is an important aspect of market research. Understanding purchase sentiments, buying behavior, competitor intelligence and more can be the difference between success and failure for organizations, brands, products and services. Van Westendorp and Gabor-Granger are two advanced pricing modeling techniques that researchers can use. Which question and analysis method is better? And can you use both?


Are you innovating within CX? The environment today requires all businesses to be smarter, faster, and more affordable - and cleaner. This should be true within your CX approach. We speak with HorizonCX CEO Karl Sharicz and talk about how companies can innovate their CX program and bring innovation from their CX program to their customers.


To derive the equity of research, choice-modeling is one of the most powerful research methods to understand the importance of attributes and their role in understanding user preferences. Conjoint and MaxDiff are two powerful research techniques that help to analyze the relative importance of attributes in a survey. Which question and analysis method is better? And can you use both?


Have you ever thought you can use survey logic to offer a great survey experience to your respondents? Learn how to present relevant questions only and improve survey completion rate.


CX is rarely as easy as it seems. When you interact with your customers regularly, you have a way to keep that conversation going. However, when your customers are actually customers of your customers and your services are delivered through partners, a level of complexity is introduced. Join us as we talk to Matt Layton and Samuel Harris from LegalShield to discuss CX strategy and tactics from another level.


Learn the best way to ask survey questions, what questions to ask and when to ask them. Find out what are poorly written questions, the mistakes to avoid and how to prioritize asking questions.


Learn how to translate your survey data into outcomes, and outcomes into theory with cross-tabulation. Get insights about how this research model will help you identify the patterns, trends, and correlations you need to maximize output for your business.


Learn how to conduct contactless surveys to ensure maximum safety of yours and your patients during these tough times of the pandemic. Collect data securely and get automated reports so that you can take corrective measures early.


Learn how to present options selected by the respondents in the following question so that they see only relevant options. Know what question types are supported and use cases suitable for extraction logic.


Image and concept testing studies provide great value to researchers. Watch this webinar to learn about how to use heatmap and hotspot testing, best practices and how to leverage this in your research.


Conducting consumer research in the time of a pandemic is daunting and volatile but much needed. Learn the best practices to derive consumer insights in such times.


In this webinar, we’ve shared specific adjustments you can make to your remote work environment to help it run more smoothly.


From creation, deployment to analysis, discover tools dedicated to improving your survey results. Learn how to gather best quality data, tips to avoid response bias, best practices, and filter bad and duplicate data.


Learn how to use the card sorting question type in your market research surveys to derive high-quality insights. Understand how respondents categorize information and take smarter decisions.


QuestionPro CX President Ken Peterson speaks with sports business icon Steve Livingstone and Brady Hull about changes to the fan experience and the evolution of sports due to the long term effect of the pandemic and new social distancing norms.


Learn how LivePolls can gamify your digital event with online polls, fun quizzes, and trivia. Read the room in real-time and optimize your event accordingly.


No matter what market circumstances are, research must continue. Learn how to move your offline focus groups, online to keep collecting no-pause qualitative research insights.


Through this webinar, we will tell you how to make use of the free remote employee health check-in that we designed to help you with identifying areas for boosting productivity.


In this webinar, you'll know key principles to ensure your analytics efforts translate into a concrete plan. With knowledge and tools to do exactly that.


This webinar will help you understand the various aspects involved in the recruitment of panelists towards an online community. It also talks about how with the right strategy in place, recruiting customers, employees and other stakeholders into your community is easy.


You don’t need a PhD in statistics to wield the power of workforce analytics, but you will need to roll your sleeves up and do some important work. There are key principles you must follow to ensure your analytics efforts translate into a concrete plan that will move the needle on both engagement and bottom-line results. This webinar caters to those particular needs.


Understand the significant benefits of using the world’s most widely used CX metric - NPS and learn predictive CX analytics.


This webinar helps you understand one of the most challenging aspects of a successful NPS and CX program – engaging the organization.


This webinar helps you understand the significant benefits from using the world’s most widely used CX metric - Net Promoter Score.


Learn how to keep a pulse of the market and identify opportunities using Communities with Gannett’s case study as the example.


This farm to table overview of the popular market research methodology - Correlation Analysis will walk you through the practical application in analyzing your survey results with live customer examples.


In this edifying webinar, learn about workplace culture and how creating a blueprint can help organizations gain meaningful insights when they embark on major culture remodeling efforts. This webinar will provide organizations and individuals with the right tools to create the blueprint and stick to it.


In this informative webinar, learn the many ways that people are leveraging mobile approaches to make their online communities generate even higher ROI and how QuestionPro Communities' mobile tools and features will help accelerate your Mobile First initiatives.


In this informative webinar about GDPR, our in-house industry experts covered details about what the GDPR regulation is and what is QuestionPro's solution for GDPR compliance. This webinar also explained about the various components of GDPR and how is it going to be essential for organizations to be GDPR compliant.


In this insightful webinar, our market research experts explore the evolution and history of market research trends and help in identifying the real 2018 trends for market research.


In this insightful webinar, Craig Lee, independent Customer Experience transformist, speaker, advisor and coach shared with the audience the key strategies of customer experience management.


In the final part of the three-part webinar series we discussed workplace culture benchmarking and how to move the needles of culture.


In the second, of our three-part webinar series, we concentrated on culture management and metrics using the workplace genome and its 8 key attributes and how to align culture to drive organizational success.


CX professionals list organization engagement as a top challenge in realizing business results from their programs. In this webinar we discussed about how organizations need to be customer-centric not on by using the Net Promoter Score but also by implementing the CX program, that engages their entire organization.


In the first, of our three-part webinar series, we focused on why organizational culture analytics is important, aligning workplace culture with employee success and how to map culture using 8 key attributes like innovation, transparency technology and growth.


The last of our three-part webinar series on creating a successful CX program. We go over "benchmarking", the process of evaluating your product in relations to other companies.


We focused on our latest research and analytical insights from our engagement and assessment data sets on what works in making our workplaces more positive and more productive.


Break through the traditional method of measuring customer satisfaction. In this month's webinar, you'll learn how to gather customer expectations and use this information to create more effective surveys.


In this webinar, you will learn how to choose the best approach to conducting qualitative research based on your business needs.


This three-part webinar series will cover practical approaches to creating a winning customer experience action plan. Join us for Part Two, where we'll define best practices and explore the benefits and of customer journey mapping.


This three-part webinar series will cover practical approaches to creating a winning customer experience action plan. In Part One, find out where to start with key CX metrics and best practices.


In this webinar, we've brought together Information Security experts to discuss the evolution of Vendor Risk Management and its most common challenges for organizations while learning our top industry best practices.


Learn how to measure Net Promoter Score (NPS) to deliver a better customer experience. In this webinar, Shep Hyken discusses NPS and how you can use that to measure your customer experience and drive revenue.


Understand how to improve your data collection practices through better survey design methodology, tips to avoid response bias, variations in question styles, and optimal data analysis.

Analyze Survey Data

In this webinar, get the best tips on how to make sense of quantitative data, from looking at the answers and survey goals, to crunching the numbers and drawing conclusions.

communities taking over

Stay competitive with one of the newest research methodologies—Online Communities. Learn in this webinar factors that contribute to this method's success and the future of Online Communities.


In today's day and age, millenials are taking over the workforce. Find out how to build, keep, and maximize engagement from millenials in the workplace.


The better the survey design, the better the data your survey will yield. In this webinar, learn how to gain deeper insights by using two simple brainstorming tactics.

Survey Design Webinar

In this webinar learn how to design a survey that does what you want, how to turn survey goals into real survey questions and how to turn resources into insightful data.


How to get people to join an online community, how to increase levels of engagement and participation and how to sustaining it over time. Learn in this webinar.


Learn how to set research objectives, understand your audience, create the right survey questions, how to distribute and analyze your surveys, and how to make informed decisions derived from your surveys.

Changing the Face of Data Intelligence

Experts deep-dive into mobile as the marketing measurement and data collection platform and provide a holistic view of current and future opportunities for marketers.


This webinar reviews, how Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis, one of the most powerful analytics tool works and what business questions it can answer.


How to create a system which makes sure that top performers get rewarded, that people are growing and developing, and performance is getting better over time


In this webinar, learn how MaxDiff Scaling works, how to get accurate consumer insights, why it is superior to rating scales and what business questions it can answer.

Best Practices

This webinar dives into four areas of online community management - Recruitment, Engagement, Data Collection and Rewards. Learn the tips and tricks to create your buzzing community.


Find out how to use data to create an authentic employer brand and design the culture you want, rather than default to the culture you have.


Learn how to develop products based on ever-changing customer demand. This webinar goes over product development lifecycle and shows how to get customers coming back for more.


In this webinar learn how to take proactive steps to follow up with dissatisfied customers and transform your detractors into promoters.


If you love the new hire of yours, chances are, your competitor wants him too. Learn how to acquire and retain your top talent.


In this webinar, our experts share how to adopt a customer-centric culture and involve customers in your product development process to build amazing products.


Learn how to engage community members, how to collect relevant insights from the holiday campaigns and utilize the insights to keep engagement after the holiday season.

9 Rules for Activating Promoters

Learn how to engage enthusiastic customers in order to turn them into a powerful marketing force and capture the value that stems from customer satisfaction.

Why Should You Embrace Them

Find out why customer engagement is so important, how it can improve your customer experience and how QuestionPro Communities, can provide the right environment and tools for such engaging activities.


Find out which parts of your culture bring you value and what parts of your work culture are hindering your company's performance.